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About us

Our company, which we established as a result of long researches, based on sectoral deficiencies and requirements, was established to provide full service, product and after-sales support to our hairdressers with innovative and unique designs. Our Istanbul-based company provides services to Asian and African countries, especially the European region countries, as well as in our country. Buy4barber offers thousands of products with different tastes and places, offering special products from hairdresser benches to hairdresser chairs, from product stands to reception desks, from hair washing departments to laboratory cabinets, from waiting rooms to waxing and beauty centers, from manicure and pedicure equipment to all other hairdressing salon accessories. Buy4barber, which not only focuses on customers but also considers working hairdressers, continues to make a difference with its applications that make your life easier. Offering all kinds of needs for hairdresser decoration under the same roof, Buy4barber continues to accelerate the sector with hundreds of new products and models, and meets you within the framework of architectural support and design hairdresser concept.


To be able to provide quality service to our consumers and to meet their needs in every part of the world by being constantly innovative, unique and dynamic.   


To continuously and regularly improve our service quality within the framework of our customers' expectations and make it sustainable.